Individual relationships. Enterprise scale.

Takt distills complex customer data into uniquely tailored experiences; we orchestrate physical and digital exchanges into one seamless journey.

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What we do

Crafted customer experiences

Great brands care about their customers and strive to impart a personal touch. But inadequate tools can foil good intentions with sweeping segmentation.

Takt, however, evaluates the nuanced histories and patterns of individuals. When businesses use Takt, they craft engagements unique to each customer—ensuring every interaction is welcome, on-point, and well timed.

How we do it

A.I. with heart

Machine intelligence considers a broad array of data. Real-time contextual signals, and preference filters, match workflows to recipients. Takt orchestrates everything with sophisticated precision.

But our platform also learns and adapts. Whether feedback is captured by an employee, by a chatbot, or implied by a customer’s action—Takt responds to people’s needs, making each experience better than the last.

A.I. with heart A.I. with heart
fig 1 // Process

About Takt

A startup with a head start

Backed by corporate venture capital and led by a world-class team, we have the relationships, passion, and resources to apply cutting edge technology at unprecedented scale.

If you're up for the challenge of a lifetime, we're looking for outstanding talent to join our team.

A startup with a head start A startup with a head start
fig 2 // Takt UI